How to plan your Bachelor Thesis in your bullet journal

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Header für die Bachelor Thesis Seiten im Bullet Journal

After seven semesters of studying its time for the delicate phase – HELP!
I procrastinated the registration of my bachelor thesis for weeks (or months) now. But in the meantime there is no time for procrastination anymore: I want to be at the same graduation party with my fellow students. Thats why I have to start hustling, eyes shut and go for it, or better: coffee coffee coffee!
To motivate and kind of guide me, I made some pages in my bullet journal about my bachelor thesis.

Bachelor Thesis Agenda

How to find an appropriate topic for your bachelor thesis

Well, how do you start with writing? Very good question! First of all you need a topic, and a good one. To find a fitting topic wasn’t kind of hard for me. Since beginning of the year I know what I want to write about, that I absolutely should be something thats fun and what I’m interested in. That’s why I choose the topic Marketing Event in the sports industry on the example of Workout Festival . For this event I help planning every detail since project start and I am involved in every planning and implementation aspect – but I haven’t written a sentence yet…  UPS

But well, at least I have a topic… To find one is everything but easy – you absolutely need to count in enough time! If you don’t get a topic from your company you’re writing with, the topic finding process can be a very long one. Because the topic has to be wide, so that you can easily fill 50-70 pages – but not too wide, you have to be sure that its limitable. You don’t want to have double the pages you ought to have, because shortening is hard.
In addition to that, targeting and wording is important. Why do you write this thesis? What do you want the reader to know after reading? What do you want to tell people and what do you promise yourself and the company with it?

To find the right and fitting topic I created a classical mind map and wrote down all my ideas. After that I chose the most fitting one with my professor.

mindmap für die Themenfindung der Bachelor Arbeit

The tracker

Of course I’ll plan and document everything about my writing process in my bullet journal. How else should you keep an overview?

I thought about the trackers and spreads I’d need a long time – and I think there will be added some more during my writing phase. The problem I started seeing was, that I know my agenda, but what if that agenda changes in a few weeks? If I have to add bullet points? You can easily change that in a word document on your computer, but not if its written down with pen in your bullet journal… Crossing out, glue something over it, tip ex? I don’t like that at all!!
And now there is this real and huge game changer! The PILOT FriXion pens! That are pens or markers, but they are erasable! How cool is that? That means I can just write down my agenda in my bujo, a schedule I plan to keep and if I have to make changes I can just erase it, enter the changes and thats it! And there are refills for every pen or marker, so you don’t have to buy a whole new pen when they are empty.

I am totally convinced!

But lets get to those trackers. At first I wrote down my agenda. Now I always have the perfect overview. After that there is a checklist: for which chapter have I already  done a research, have written it, revised it, read it?

ein Bachelor Thesis Tracker im Bullet Journal, bei dem abgehakt werden kann, ob ein Kapitel recherchiert, geschrieben und schon Korrektur gelesen wurde.

As important as that is the timeline: in which week do I want to get done the reading and writing, when do I want to registrate my bachelor thesis, when do I want to takes notes, write the text and when is the last possibility for handing in?
I used my FriXion Ball pens here aswell, so I can erase it easily, if there will be some changes in the future.

Timeline für die Bachelor Thesis im Bullet Journal Timeline für die Bachelor Thesis im Bullet Journal


The ideal day

Besides the writing of my thesis I have to work and don’t want to neglect my hobbies – even if the writing phase will be stressful enough. I wrote down my perfect day and hopefully it’ll motivate me on days I’d rather stay in bed or on the sofa….

mein idealer Tag beim Schreiben der Bachelor Thesis im Bullet Journal


Well, you see, I’m prepared and the writing can start!

It’s time to go back to school now, and PILOT has a great campaign:   #backtoschool.

You can find all useful information about the erasable pens, a school oracle which predicts how your school year or semester will be.

I wish you a great start back in school and uni or, if you’re at my stage of your studies: let’s rock that bachelor thesis! We can do it  💪🏼 #letsdoit 

Bullet Journaling for Students

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Studenten Bullet Journal

Everywhere are lose sheets, the notebook is full of notes from statistics – or is it finance management? I came to Uni in the morning with the happy thought in my mind that I could go eat ice cream with my best friend after lectures. But then I was brought back to reality with the question: “When do we have our group work today?”. Mixing up presentation dates and exams and not getting them ready in time…
I don’t want to start on about doctors appointments and how I forgot important events….

Thats how my student life looked like in the past. To whom does this look familiar?

Without my Bullet Journal I’ve been an organisational failure. I forgot appointments and didn’t know with whom I worked in which group about which subject. Every evening before Uni I had to check on my schedule online to see when my first lecture’d start in the morning, otherwise I would have just slept in – everyday. I can tell you: pure stress!

And that’s the reason why I wanted to start a planner for the new semester. But one I would actually use and write in – not one that was just lying around on the desk getting dusty.

Back in school I had a lot of ‘normal’ planners: one page a day, divided in hours or empty pages, one week on two pages, one page with a schedule, and believe me, I’ve tried many more layouts but I’ve never sticked to them for longer than 2 or 3 weeks.

I’m using my bullet journal for over a year now and just started my third notebook.


But let’s have a look at those spreads that saved my student life.

Firstly I wrote down all the subjects which I’d occupy. I added how much they counted in our credit system. Another gap for date of the exam and the type: written or presentation or both? Then one last slot for the grade – and my exam tracker was ready to use.

Prüfungs Tracker

With this tracker I didn’t just see at first glance the date of exam but also how ‘important’ it was in the overall rating.

Because I have a lot of presentation exams in my degree course, I had lot of group works. Some of those groups we could decide the members for ourself but for some subjects the groups have been decided by our teacher or drawn lots for. That’s why my co-group members have been different in every subject. I had a lot of trouble with remembering my group members and the subject topic we had to work on.


group work

That’s why I made a little group-work-spread in my bujo once all groups have been formed. I wrote down the subject, theme of presentation and all the group members.

There was still the problem with my ever changing schedule – because there have been a lot of single lecture dates.


weekly pagebullet journal weekly spread









I drew my schedule on the first page of my weekly spreads and wrote down all of my lectures. After a while I added working hours and fixed dates like my sports course I wanted to attend. I had an overview of free time which I could use for group works or meetings with friends etc.

Over time those schedules developed, as well as my weekly spreads changed. I started with almost a whole page for one schedule – now I just need a little corner of the page. Here I’m using it together with a time ladder for my daily spreads.

So far, so good! Sometimes I had to arrange group works for the next week or even the week after. That’s why I decided to create a monthly overview. Like this at the beginning of the month I was able to see when I was free at the end of the month. I didn’t want to write down all my weeklies for the month in advance: so I created an extra spread:

monthly overview

On top are the hours of the day, vertically you can see the days of the month. I used different colors: black for work, rose for lectures and pen for group work, events or appointments.

Of course I have a future log as many other bullet journalers do. I created it for one semester – or 6 months. I used it to write down events or important dates like birthdays and I also noted my exam dates.


Bulletjournal future log

That’s how I’ve seen important dates in my future log as well as in my exam tracker, my monthly overview and in my weekly spreads. Like that it’s almost impossible to forget something (given that you use your bullet journal, of course 😉)


I hope I could give you a little insight in the planer world of a student and perhaps help you out with some problems.
How do you plan your time as a student? Do you have as much group work and presentations in your degree course as well?


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