March Favorites

One quarter of 2018 is over. The third month of 2018 was cold – especially compared to the one last year.
Skiing, the first run without a jacket, first time this year sitting on the balcony, birds singing, first blooming flowers. A few times I thought it was finally spring. A few times it started snowing again. Ice cold wind, -7 to +10 degrees celsius overnight. And it wasn’t even April yet…


I moved from big Stuttgart back home in my little village. I’ve spent the last 6 months in Stuttgart for my internship, lived in my step dads flat and worked not far away. I signed a gym membership for a new gym, found new friends. I had my last day in my internship in the middle of march – which meant a relocation for me. It was just a small move, because I didn’t have to bring much more than my suitcase and clothes. Now I’m back home with my boyfriend and cat. And not just because of those two I’m super happy to be back. No long car drives and sitting in traffic jams anymore!


Not just that I started translating my blogposts in English and make it bilingual. We also had an ‘International Marketing Week’ in uni, where we hosted 50 foreign students from 10 different Unis from Europe. We were divided in international groups of 5-6 students and had to work on a case with Mercedes-Benz. That means that I had to speak English almost the whole week. Writing is one thing, when you can look up every word and think about the right syntax a couple of times. You obviously can’t do that when speaking. (That’s actually one of the reasons why I don’t do talking face to face stories on Instagram 😅) But nonetheless it was great speaking English again and scour the rust a little.


Halfmarathon 2018 Playlist. Over and over again.

I have every song I enjoy listening to in this playlist. Songs to which I can switch off while running. Songs I can sing along in my mind. A lot of those songs are in this playlist for over a year now, actually since I started running and training seriously for my very first half marathon. Sometimes, when a song starts while I’m driving or at home I suddenly feel like lacing my running shoes and go out for a run. If someone would have told me 2 years ago, that I would BE FEELING LIKE going for a run, I would have laughed at him, honestly.


Of course I trained for my half marathon next week in Berlin, on and on. But also in the gym with my favorite trainings buddy – my best friend. We spent hours in the gym lifting weights and talking about anything. It’s a whole different feeling to be back in your home gym. I know the gym members, the trainers, the staff (thats mostly because I’m one of them). It feels a lot more like home than any Clever Fit or McFit could ever do.


I currently read Harry Potter again for the nth time (just finished the third book). But I also flipped a lot through running-magazines, read some articles about training and nutrition. Looked at some workout plans and learned about dietary supplements. My mom subscribed to a running-magazine and gives them all to me after reading. I love to flip though magazines, learn something new, read stories about people running through the desert or their first race.


Not just the planning of our summer holiday for 2018 needed to be done, but also planning my new bullet journal. It’s my third one and a Leuchtturm1917 notebook again, dotted, this time in black. I really love setting up the first few pages of a new journal. I spent hours with those pages with a lot of creativity. They’ll accompany me through the whole book and in my case probably through the whole year 2018. More to my bullet journal set up very soon.

That was my march. Some days have been super stressful, others very relaxed. I’m looking forward to April, spring weather, our trip to Berlin and Leipzig where I’ll run 2 half marathons. Back to uni, attending some lectures. Enjoying my last Semester. Running. Exercising. Setting up my balcony. April I’m ready for you!









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