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One quarter of 2018 is over. The third month of 2018 was cold – especially compared to the one last year.
Skiing, the first run without a jacket, first time this year sitting on the balcony, birds singing, first blooming flowers. A few times I thought it was finally spring. A few times it started snowing again. Ice cold wind, -7 to +10 degrees celsius overnight. And it wasn’t even April yet…


I moved from big Stuttgart back home in my little village. I’ve spent the last 6 months in Stuttgart for my internship, lived in my step dads flat and worked not far away. I signed a gym membership for a new gym, found new friends. I had my last day in my internship in the middle of march – which meant a relocation for me. It was just a small move, because I didn’t have to bring much more than my suitcase and clothes. Now I’m back home with my boyfriend and cat. And not just because of those two I’m super happy to be back. No long car drives and sitting in traffic jams anymore!


Not just that I started translating my blogposts in English and make it bilingual. We also had an ‘International Marketing Week’ in uni, where we hosted 50 foreign students from 10 different Unis from Europe. We were divided in international groups of 5-6 students and had to work on a case with Mercedes-Benz. That means that I had to speak English almost the whole week. Writing is one thing, when you can look up every word and think about the right syntax a couple of times. You obviously can’t do that when speaking. (That’s actually one of the reasons why I don’t do talking face to face stories on Instagram 😅) But nonetheless it was great speaking English again and scour the rust a little.


Halfmarathon 2018 Playlist. Over and over again.

I have every song I enjoy listening to in this playlist. Songs to which I can switch off while running. Songs I can sing along in my mind. A lot of those songs are in this playlist for over a year now, actually since I started running and training seriously for my very first half marathon. Sometimes, when a song starts while I’m driving or at home I suddenly feel like lacing my running shoes and go out for a run. If someone would have told me 2 years ago, that I would BE FEELING LIKE going for a run, I would have laughed at him, honestly.


Of course I trained for my half marathon next week in Berlin, on and on. But also in the gym with my favorite trainings buddy – my best friend. We spent hours in the gym lifting weights and talking about anything. It’s a whole different feeling to be back in your home gym. I know the gym members, the trainers, the staff (thats mostly because I’m one of them). It feels a lot more like home than any Clever Fit or McFit could ever do.


I currently read Harry Potter again for the nth time (just finished the third book). But I also flipped a lot through running-magazines, read some articles about training and nutrition. Looked at some workout plans and learned about dietary supplements. My mom subscribed to a running-magazine and gives them all to me after reading. I love to flip though magazines, learn something new, read stories about people running through the desert or their first race.


Not just the planning of our summer holiday for 2018 needed to be done, but also planning my new bullet journal. It’s my third one and a Leuchtturm1917 notebook again, dotted, this time in black. I really love setting up the first few pages of a new journal. I spent hours with those pages with a lot of creativity. They’ll accompany me through the whole book and in my case probably through the whole year 2018. More to my bullet journal set up very soon.

That was my march. Some days have been super stressful, others very relaxed. I’m looking forward to April, spring weather, our trip to Berlin and Leipzig where I’ll run 2 half marathons. Back to uni, attending some lectures. Enjoying my last Semester. Running. Exercising. Setting up my balcony. April I’m ready for you!









Why a Bullet Journal?

warum ein bullet journal?

Du kannst diesen Post hier auf deutsch lesen.

First question I receive a lot when people see my bullet journal:

Why don’t you just buy a ready-made planner? The time you invest in writing everything down could be used productively!

I think that’s a very good and legitimate question. There are planners in any way possible. Weekly overview, monthly overviews, whole pages for days, with or without time ladders, empty pages for notes, holiday overviews, and so on and so on. But unfortunately those planners are all built the same: either daily spreads for the whole year or just limited space with weekly spreads. The pages are ready-made and can’t be adjusted.

And that’s the problem. Same layout for every week or every day. But who’s life looks the same every single day? Every day the same stressful events or the same to dos? Definitely not my life.

Some weeks, especially in my exam phase, are very stressful. On those days it’s super hard to coordinate all tasks, like my jobs and household duties, next to all the studying. But there are also days, for example during my internship, which look more or less the same. Work, exercise, eat, watch series, sleep. There haven’t been a lot of to dos and the weekends need more space in my bullet journal layout than the weekdays.

If you’ve read my post Bullet journaling for students you know that I was an organizational failure before I started using my bullet journal.
I tried and used all these planners but never longer than 3 or 4 weeks. I just didn’t like it that some pages stayed blank while others were cramped with to dos and stuff I should remember.

At the start of my 4th semester I searched the internet for THE perfect planner. On Pinterest I ran across some posts about bullet journals. I instantly liked all those creative ideas and thought: “I want to do that, too!”

To  keep it rolling I instantly bought a Leuchtturm1917 notebook. I knew if I’d start in a cheap school exercise book or something similar I’d lose interest in it very very soon. I work better with something thats pretty to look at – and I quickly fell in love with Leuchtturm notebooks 😍

BUT – and that’s the most important part! – for bullet journaling it’s not important, if you are a rather creative one or just want to write down your daily to do lists. It doesn’t matter if you use 10 different brush pens and highlighters, or if you just use your blue pen! Regardless of whether you have a creative vein and want to build a book full of your artwork, or you just want it as clear and neat as possible – a bullet journal can be YOUR THING.

A lot develops over time and you’ll learn with which pages you’ll be most effective. If you need it beautiful to be productive (as I do) or just simple.

And that’s the great thing with bullet journaling:

it can be everything you want it to be and everything you need in exactly that moment.


To come back to the question above: yes, it takes time to write it all down and draw everything. Yes, sometimes it takes A LOT of time. But drawing was always a hobby of mine. I neglected it for the longest time because I just didn’t know what to do with all the drawings.
In my bullet journal my creative vein found its place (and can be stored super easily 😁). I love to look back on my first pages and see how much my drawing skills have developed. It’s almost like a journal for me (even tough I’ve never really journalized) at which you can look back in years.

On some stressful days or weeks, when I really don’t have any time for a great piece of art in my bujo, I just use an easy layout. I can adapt my bullet journal to my needs!

Don’t let yourself be intimidated by all the perfect pages you find on instagram or pinterest. Just do your own thing.

Make it your bullet journal!






Bullet Journaling for Students

Diesen Post kannst du hier auf deutsch lesen.

Studenten Bullet Journal

Everywhere are lose sheets, the notebook is full of notes from statistics – or is it finance management? I came to Uni in the morning with the happy thought in my mind that I could go eat ice cream with my best friend after lectures. But then I was brought back to reality with the question: “When do we have our group work today?”. Mixing up presentation dates and exams and not getting them ready in time…
I don’t want to start on about doctors appointments and how I forgot important events….

Thats how my student life looked like in the past. To whom does this look familiar?

Without my Bullet Journal I’ve been an organisational failure. I forgot appointments and didn’t know with whom I worked in which group about which subject. Every evening before Uni I had to check on my schedule online to see when my first lecture’d start in the morning, otherwise I would have just slept in – everyday. I can tell you: pure stress!

And that’s the reason why I wanted to start a planner for the new semester. But one I would actually use and write in – not one that was just lying around on the desk getting dusty.

Back in school I had a lot of ‘normal’ planners: one page a day, divided in hours or empty pages, one week on two pages, one page with a schedule, and believe me, I’ve tried many more layouts but I’ve never sticked to them for longer than 2 or 3 weeks.

I’m using my bullet journal for over a year now and just started my third notebook.


But let’s have a look at those spreads that saved my student life.

Firstly I wrote down all the subjects which I’d occupy. I added how much they counted in our credit system. Another gap for date of the exam and the type: written or presentation or both? Then one last slot for the grade – and my exam tracker was ready to use.

Prüfungs Tracker

With this tracker I didn’t just see at first glance the date of exam but also how ‘important’ it was in the overall rating.

Because I have a lot of presentation exams in my degree course, I had lot of group works. Some of those groups we could decide the members for ourself but for some subjects the groups have been decided by our teacher or drawn lots for. That’s why my co-group members have been different in every subject. I had a lot of trouble with remembering my group members and the subject topic we had to work on.


group work

That’s why I made a little group-work-spread in my bujo once all groups have been formed. I wrote down the subject, theme of presentation and all the group members.

There was still the problem with my ever changing schedule – because there have been a lot of single lecture dates.


weekly pagebullet journal weekly spread









I drew my schedule on the first page of my weekly spreads and wrote down all of my lectures. After a while I added working hours and fixed dates like my sports course I wanted to attend. I had an overview of free time which I could use for group works or meetings with friends etc.

Over time those schedules developed, as well as my weekly spreads changed. I started with almost a whole page for one schedule – now I just need a little corner of the page. Here I’m using it together with a time ladder for my daily spreads.

So far, so good! Sometimes I had to arrange group works for the next week or even the week after. That’s why I decided to create a monthly overview. Like this at the beginning of the month I was able to see when I was free at the end of the month. I didn’t want to write down all my weeklies for the month in advance: so I created an extra spread:

monthly overview

On top are the hours of the day, vertically you can see the days of the month. I used different colors: black for work, rose for lectures and pen for group work, events or appointments.

Of course I have a future log as many other bullet journalers do. I created it for one semester – or 6 months. I used it to write down events or important dates like birthdays and I also noted my exam dates.


Bulletjournal future log

That’s how I’ve seen important dates in my future log as well as in my exam tracker, my monthly overview and in my weekly spreads. Like that it’s almost impossible to forget something (given that you use your bullet journal, of course 😉)


I hope I could give you a little insight in the planer world of a student and perhaps help you out with some problems.
How do you plan your time as a student? Do you have as much group work and presentations in your degree course as well?


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