HOW TO DRAW mountains and pine trees

bullet journal 2019 cover

Good morning at this snowy day in January. Last year – which means 2018, which is still weird haha – in January I sticked to a mountain theme in my bullet journal and I loved it. Mountains are not just easy to draw, but bring a feeling of winter and coziness in your bullet journal. Above all they are super versatile.

This year – which means 2019 – I decided to bring those mountains back in my Journal and redo my old bujo spreads for my new pages. This way I can spot improvements. Its something different to use yourself as inspiration 😊

How I draw mountains and trees I don’t want to keep for myself. Instead, I want to share it with you! I see this community as support, inspiration and to help each other out and not as competition. Thats why there is this how to draw section here on my blog 🙂

So – let’s do it.


how to draw mountains
Step 1:

Draw a triangle with pencil. You can vary it in hight and width – depending on the size of the mountain you want to draw and if you want it wider or higher.

Step 2:

Once you’ve drawn the outlines of you mountain, you can add the middle line: it divides the mountain in a light and dark side. Make sure not to add straight lines, because in nature shapes there are no such things as straight lines. Add rough edges and hills as you wish – the more edges, the more dangerous your mountain will look.

Step 3:

Now you can add some spaces with your pencil in which you want your mountain to be darker and add shades this way. I draw those spaces mostly from the middle or the outline in a down-direction. Thats how your mountain will look more dimensional and becomes more deep.

Step 4:

Dots, dots, dots! Draw your dots in the shapes you just added with pencil. Draw them close to each other – thats how the shapes will get darker. Add some dark spaces at the ‘light’ side of you mountain, because that side has gorges as well.

Step 5:

Now its time to draw more dots next to your dark shapes in the dark side of your mountain for shading. The closer they are to each other the darker your mountain will be.
DISCLAIMER: yes, this will take ages 😀

Step 6:

For a mountain ridge everything thats missing is more mountains! You can connect them with their outline and middle lines or just put them next to each other. This is totally up to you!

Pine Trees

how to draw pine trees
Step 1:

For pine trees you need a pencil triangle as well for orientation. This should be way narrower than the one you did for the mountain – pine trees are high and thin.

Step 2:

Add the trunk in the middle of your triangle. It’s a little longer than the triangle and it can have humps and knolls, thinner and thicker parts.

Step 3:

Now you can add branches. Draw them from the trunk to the outlines of your pencil triangle. You don’t have to stick strictly to your triangle – it’s just an orientation for the shape. The branches can be longer or shorter, you can vary the lengths as you wish. Like the mountains is a tree a nature shape and there are no straight lines in nature – remember this when drawing. Add a little bending to the branches to add dynamics.

Step 4:

Now it’s time for the needles. The bigger or closer the pine tree, the more details you should draw in it’s branches. If you just draw small or distant trees it’s enough to add dark shades as needles – you don’t have to draw each needle extra.

Step 5:

For a forest just add more trees. You can vary in height and details to add dimensions.

A Weekly Spread with mountains and pine trees could look like this:

bullet journal January weekly spread with mountains and pine trees

You can find more weekly spread layouts here.
Have fun when you try this tutorial yourself! You’re free to tag me under your recreations if you found this tutorial helpful 💕

Do you have any more wishes for a how to draw by me? Don’t hesitate to write me your suggestions in the comments or in Instagram Direct ⬇️

October favourites

October is gone… well, that was quick! Sorry, but how fast did the last 10 months go by? The last monthly review was in April – the summer was kind of stressful to be honest, but a good one!

But let’s start with my October highlights 😘


I started reading game of thrones. What shall I say? I heard about the game of thrones almost everywhere! The was no way to escape that hype: people who couldn’t wait for the next episode to be released, happy faces when a the new season started and people who are so into all the westereos stories and want to know who finally gets the crown and the iron throne.
Well I kind of had to see it by myself, to be honest. I wanted to watch the series for a long time now, and we actually have the Sky Box Sets – but our Sky receiver can’t be connected to the WiFi, so there was no chance of watching it on the TV. We obviously live in the last century…. 
But after my kindle suggested the game of thrones books for like 10 times, I thought why not start with the books?
And I love that I did just that! I love the story and can’t put the books down. I’m currently reading the second one and am so glad that there are many more to come! 
Well I eventually started watching the series, too. On my Laptop. And I’m so glad that I first started reading the books, because I don’t know if I would have liked it from the first few episodes… 
I’m just watching as far as I’ve read previously, which is hard, because its kind of addicting and watching is so much faster than reading… 😀


It’s time for grey sweaters again 😍 Damn I missed this! But, at the beginning of October we had the most golden October ever, 25 degrees celsius in southern Germany, I still wore shorts and top. The only thing which reminded of upcoming autumn was the colourful leaves. And then, one week ago, winter was coming (yep, GoT got me..). 5 degrees, snowy rain, and everything grey, not just the sweaters…  


I contemplated a lot this last month. About the future, the present. End of my studies – but what now? Do you actually ever know what’s the right thing, the only thing, the best thing? Is this something that actually exists or is it not important because in the end everything’s going to be fine anyway? I’m thinking about writing more about thoughts like this in a random thought post… To write everything down and maybe being thought-provoking?
I thought about the online presence aswell. What is this Instagram-App to consistently make us feel bad about ourselves? Because our engagement rate is as bad as ever, because our like went down, because 382930 people exited our story? What makes this App so special that we still open it every day to post new fully edited pictures and illustrate and stage our life the best way possible? Our life, our art, our skills? Or our non existent skills, because there are so so many people out there who can obviously do a better job than we can, who stage their lifes better, who obviously have the better photographers than we have.
But there are so many Influencers out there who show, that you don’t have to be good at anything really to be successful with those things you love and invest time in…
Lets leave it like that. I made the decision to invest more time in this blog, where I myself am the master of my success, where nothing depends on an algorithm which no-one understands fully….


New Boots for winter 😍 And I love them! Since I bought them and since its cold outside, there is actually nothing else I wear!
Also we redecorated the bedroom. I threw out our clothes rail. To be honest it was just something I threw my clothes on, which always always looked so bad and untidy. Now I have new posters hanging there, a rack and a beautiful Scandinavian style chair for my huge teddy ❤️


Sure, I’m still running! The golden October made it easy for me to lace my shoes and go out for a run. I’m more than happy that I took advantage of all those warm sunny days and enjoyed the last sunny runs this year. Because right now, with 5 degrees, wind and rain its a whole other level of motivating yourself to go out for a run…

That was my October and I can’t wait to see what November is going to bring! A new job, new projects to work and live for, a lot of coffee and vitamin D supplements and lets GO!  I’m ready as ever 😊

How to plan your Bachelor Thesis in your bullet journal

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Header für die Bachelor Thesis Seiten im Bullet Journal

After seven semesters of studying its time for the delicate phase – HELP!
I procrastinated the registration of my bachelor thesis for weeks (or months) now. But in the meantime there is no time for procrastination anymore: I want to be at the same graduation party with my fellow students. Thats why I have to start hustling, eyes shut and go for it, or better: coffee coffee coffee!
To motivate and kind of guide me, I made some pages in my bullet journal about my bachelor thesis.

Bachelor Thesis Agenda

How to find an appropriate topic for your bachelor thesis

Well, how do you start with writing? Very good question! First of all you need a topic, and a good one. To find a fitting topic wasn’t kind of hard for me. Since beginning of the year I know what I want to write about, that I absolutely should be something thats fun and what I’m interested in. That’s why I choose the topic Marketing Event in the sports industry on the example of Workout Festival . For this event I help planning every detail since project start and I am involved in every planning and implementation aspect – but I haven’t written a sentence yet…  UPS

But well, at least I have a topic… To find one is everything but easy – you absolutely need to count in enough time! If you don’t get a topic from your company you’re writing with, the topic finding process can be a very long one. Because the topic has to be wide, so that you can easily fill 50-70 pages – but not too wide, you have to be sure that its limitable. You don’t want to have double the pages you ought to have, because shortening is hard.
In addition to that, targeting and wording is important. Why do you write this thesis? What do you want the reader to know after reading? What do you want to tell people and what do you promise yourself and the company with it?

To find the right and fitting topic I created a classical mind map and wrote down all my ideas. After that I chose the most fitting one with my professor.

mindmap für die Themenfindung der Bachelor Arbeit

The tracker

Of course I’ll plan and document everything about my writing process in my bullet journal. How else should you keep an overview?

I thought about the trackers and spreads I’d need a long time – and I think there will be added some more during my writing phase. The problem I started seeing was, that I know my agenda, but what if that agenda changes in a few weeks? If I have to add bullet points? You can easily change that in a word document on your computer, but not if its written down with pen in your bullet journal… Crossing out, glue something over it, tip ex? I don’t like that at all!!
And now there is this real and huge game changer! The PILOT FriXion pens! That are pens or markers, but they are erasable! How cool is that? That means I can just write down my agenda in my bujo, a schedule I plan to keep and if I have to make changes I can just erase it, enter the changes and thats it! And there are refills for every pen or marker, so you don’t have to buy a whole new pen when they are empty.

I am totally convinced!

But lets get to those trackers. At first I wrote down my agenda. Now I always have the perfect overview. After that there is a checklist: for which chapter have I already  done a research, have written it, revised it, read it?

ein Bachelor Thesis Tracker im Bullet Journal, bei dem abgehakt werden kann, ob ein Kapitel recherchiert, geschrieben und schon Korrektur gelesen wurde.

As important as that is the timeline: in which week do I want to get done the reading and writing, when do I want to registrate my bachelor thesis, when do I want to takes notes, write the text and when is the last possibility for handing in?
I used my FriXion Ball pens here aswell, so I can erase it easily, if there will be some changes in the future.

Timeline für die Bachelor Thesis im Bullet Journal Timeline für die Bachelor Thesis im Bullet Journal


The ideal day

Besides the writing of my thesis I have to work and don’t want to neglect my hobbies – even if the writing phase will be stressful enough. I wrote down my perfect day and hopefully it’ll motivate me on days I’d rather stay in bed or on the sofa….

mein idealer Tag beim Schreiben der Bachelor Thesis im Bullet Journal


Well, you see, I’m prepared and the writing can start!

It’s time to go back to school now, and PILOT has a great campaign:   #backtoschool.

You can find all useful information about the erasable pens, a school oracle which predicts how your school year or semester will be.

I wish you a great start back in school and uni or, if you’re at my stage of your studies: let’s rock that bachelor thesis! We can do it  💪🏼 #letsdoit 

April Favorites

Du kannst diesen Post hier auf deutsch lesen.

And again – one month is over. First time this year over 25 degrees celsius, a lot of warm sunny hours, a weekend trip, uni work, and a lot of new interior goodies. Yesterday I set up my may cover page in my bullet journal and was surprised that I already had to write an April review… The end of a month comes so fast, almost half of the year is over and I really love looking back at the bygone month and see what I liked, what I bought, enjoyed, loved. So, let’s do this. April –


And of course this post starts with THE experience in April 2018: the Berlin half marathon. Beginning of April, 3 weeks ago which is still unbelievable, and I still have no clue what was going on. I reached my goal, I smashed it, I beat myself, I excelled myself, I showed myself and everyone else, that each and everyone can run, no matter how bad one might have been in the past. Two years ago it was unbelievable that I could run 21km at a stretch. One year ago it was a dream, that I could run this fast for so long. And until the 8th of April it was wishful thinking, that I would enjoy such a run so much, that I couldn’t help but smile all the way, that I would have goosebumps all over. I love rewatching my Berlin Video, even though I’ve watched it for about a thousand times already. I filmed and edited our whole trip to one special movie and I get goosebumps every time I’m watching it. Emotions, emotions, emotions. Guys, I tell you: If you’ve ever got the chance to run a race, in your city or the next bigger town: DO IT! Doesn’t matter if its a 5km City Race or a marathon! The atmosphere, people coming to the track on Sundays to watch the runners and cheer them. The medal which is hung around your neck.. I can’t wait for my next run in 2 weeks (Did I really just write that? What happened to me 😅)


Berlin. 3 days of sightseeing + one sightseeing-run. We went to all big sights in Berlin, saw the Brandenburger Tor, went to the Kaiser Wilhelms Church, the Victory pillar, we’ve been to the Alexanderplatz, in Madame Toussads, saw pieces of the Wall at the east side gallery and walked through Check Point Charlie, where there has been the bordercrossing. This city is history. We’ve gone around 20.000 steps each day, said hello to the panda in the Berlin zoo and enjoyed the sun in the beer garden on Alexanderplatz. I’ve been to Berlin about 10 years ago, but I didn’t really get anything back then concerning the citys history. Of course we talked about it in school, but I wasn’t really interested in it. Last year I’ve read The Century Trilogy by Ken Follett and since then I understand coherences and effects of all events back then better – I have got a whole different understanding for this city, the streets and the sights. I really recommend this book series! Its not just dry history, but great stories about families, relationships and you don’t just see the German point of view but worldwide.


In all those beautiful fruit trees! Directly in front of our house is a small peach-tree (at least I think its peach) and those rose blossoms have been so beautiful! Every time I went by I had to smile a little. Everywhere blooming trees, cherry blossoms in my bullet journal, flowers in their beds and my tulips at home. Spring is just beautiful 💕



New Interior-products. A new carpet. Finally the green squares are gone! I thought while moving in our new flat that a little color in our flat would be beautiful, and I decided for light green. I bought curtains and flowerpots in light green, pillows and our carpet was in white-black-green. By now I would love to adapt the Scandinavian style everywhere in my flat and I would love to have everything in grey and white. I changed the curtains already, flowerpots and carpet have been changed in April. It’s still warm and friendly despite all the grey and white, because of our brown wooden floor and our light brown stone wall in our living room. I love it! And, moreover best purchase of the century: my new milk twister! I wanted to have one for ages and back then when I still lived at home with my Mom I kind of forced her to buy a coffee machine with a milk twister. After two years of handmade milk froth I finally bought my milk twister and I love love love it! Best milk froth ever!


Finally ripped jeans are back again, leather and denim jackets! I really love wearing my cosy and warm knitted sweaters – but it was time for shirt and jeans jacket by now! The feeling when you’re out for a run and you don’t have to wear long tights and sweaters anymore but just a top and shorts is the best feeling ever!

Listened, read, watched

In April I’ve most of all listened to this playlist, while laying on the balcony with laptop work or a good book.

Besides I listened a lot to Avicii songs and am still shocked that he killed himself. I watched the documentation about his life Avicii True Stories and it was terrifying how fame and glory can destroy a young artist…
I finished the 4th Harry Potter book (I’m reading the series over and over again and can’t get enough of it!) and started with part 5 – which is one of my favorites (okay okay, I love them all but I think in the fifth there is so much revealed, you understand better why certain things are happening). While reading the other parts I recognized so many things which I’ve never did before! Sometimes you have to read it like 38372293 times to really get every single hidden thing 😅

All in all April was beautiful! There is nothing better than the revival of new energy when the cold, long, grey winter is finally gone. Waking up with sunshine tickling your face, ride as much as possible with your bike and enjoy all the blossom and blooming trees. Lets see if May can better April. (Well, we have so many public holidays in May, the temperatures get higher – it just can be good!)


DIY – Balkony Oasis

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The first sunny and warm days are already over. As soon as the temperatures climb near the 20 degree celsius mark, it’s time to get the balcony summer ready. Since we moved in our flat about 2 years ago, I’m looking forward to preparing the balcony all winter. It’s the big project of the year for me and I love it: the cozy sofa, beautiful and ever growing plants (even though I don’t have a green thumb at all!), candles, fairy lights, sundowns and a glass of wine on a mild summer night with a starry sky. I don’t think there could be anything better!


The Pallets sofa

Therefore we needed a comfortable sofa so that we could enjoy the summer nights (and sunbathing of course). I am a fan of upcycling projects and loved and am still loving furniture built with pallets and wine boxes. So I persuaded my boyfriend to get some pallets for the balcony (I wanted them for our living room sofa as well, but he wasn’t quite a big fan of that idea haha). No sooner said than done! We asked a friend to bring us four pallets, grinded and polished them (which was an awful lot of work 😅) and coated them with white paint. After drying we carried them up on the balcony and arranged them in an L-form, two on top of each other. We ordered the sofa cushions on amazon (we bought those ones ). And thats it actually 😊



Boxes and baskets

My grandma had a farm with a lot of meadows and fruit trees. I found a lot of wine and fruit boxes as well as baskets in her barn, which I immediately packed in my car and brought them up on my balcony. I arranged them around our balcony handrail so that our cat could come out on the balcony as well without coming up with the idea of squeezing through the handrails. The baskets are all different sizes but all of them are braided and brown. They give the balcony a vintage and rustic look.


Plants, plants and planting


Now theres just the plants missing. Every year we get other plants, I normally go to the construction market and take whatever plant I like the look of. This year we have rhododendron bushes, oleander, raspberries and blackberries, cherry tomatoes, chili and a pepper-plant. We planted them in the baskets and flower pots. I put some foil or garbage bags in the baskets so that the potting soil and water wouldn’t come out immediately. We arranged the baskets on top or next to the wine boxes – and the balcony oasis is finished!



Lights, candles, romance!

Stop! I was about to forget the most important thing! The lights! A chain of lights around the handrail, a lampion chain on the roof, some solar lights and A LOT of candles! I collect jars all year long – applesauce, jam, Nutella or mustard jars. Well at least that’s what I tell myself that I need all those jars for summer so that I don’t have to drive to the bottle bank 😅 This year I also used two wine bottles. I remove the label, wash them and put a tea candle inside them. For the wine bottles I used two stick candles. I also hung a few jars with candles on some string on the walls – We definitely have a lot of romance flair on our balcony!


I hope you like it! All in all we used about 90% second hand products (and most of all from my grandma). The only big effort was the pallet cushions and to get new plants every year. But besides that, our balcony is super low budget – and still so cozy and beautiful ❤

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