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And again – one month is over. First time this year over 25 degrees celsius, a lot of warm sunny hours, a weekend trip, uni work, and a lot of new interior goodies. Yesterday I set up my may cover page in my bullet journal and was surprised that I already had to write an April review… The end of a month comes so fast, almost half of the year is over and I really love looking back at the bygone month and see what I liked, what I bought, enjoyed, loved. So, let’s do this. April –


And of course this post starts with THE experience in April 2018: the Berlin half marathon. Beginning of April, 3 weeks ago which is still unbelievable, and I still have no clue what was going on. I reached my goal, I smashed it, I beat myself, I excelled myself, I showed myself and everyone else, that each and everyone can run, no matter how bad one might have been in the past. Two years ago it was unbelievable that I could run 21km at a stretch. One year ago it was a dream, that I could run this fast for so long. And until the 8th of April it was wishful thinking, that I would enjoy such a run so much, that I couldn’t help but smile all the way, that I would have goosebumps all over. I love rewatching my Berlin Video, even though I’ve watched it for about a thousand times already. I filmed and edited our whole trip to one special movie and I get goosebumps every time I’m watching it. Emotions, emotions, emotions. Guys, I tell you: If you’ve ever got the chance to run a race, in your city or the next bigger town: DO IT! Doesn’t matter if its a 5km City Race or a marathon! The atmosphere, people coming to the track on Sundays to watch the runners and cheer them. The medal which is hung around your neck.. I can’t wait for my next run in 2 weeks (Did I really just write that? What happened to me 😅)


Berlin. 3 days of sightseeing + one sightseeing-run. We went to all big sights in Berlin, saw the Brandenburger Tor, went to the Kaiser Wilhelms Church, the Victory pillar, we’ve been to the Alexanderplatz, in Madame Toussads, saw pieces of the Wall at the east side gallery and walked through Check Point Charlie, where there has been the bordercrossing. This city is history. We’ve gone around 20.000 steps each day, said hello to the panda in the Berlin zoo and enjoyed the sun in the beer garden on Alexanderplatz. I’ve been to Berlin about 10 years ago, but I didn’t really get anything back then concerning the citys history. Of course we talked about it in school, but I wasn’t really interested in it. Last year I’ve read The Century Trilogy by Ken Follett and since then I understand coherences and effects of all events back then better – I have got a whole different understanding for this city, the streets and the sights. I really recommend this book series! Its not just dry history, but great stories about families, relationships and you don’t just see the German point of view but worldwide.


In all those beautiful fruit trees! Directly in front of our house is a small peach-tree (at least I think its peach) and those rose blossoms have been so beautiful! Every time I went by I had to smile a little. Everywhere blooming trees, cherry blossoms in my bullet journal, flowers in their beds and my tulips at home. Spring is just beautiful 💕



New Interior-products. A new carpet. Finally the green squares are gone! I thought while moving in our new flat that a little color in our flat would be beautiful, and I decided for light green. I bought curtains and flowerpots in light green, pillows and our carpet was in white-black-green. By now I would love to adapt the Scandinavian style everywhere in my flat and I would love to have everything in grey and white. I changed the curtains already, flowerpots and carpet have been changed in April. It’s still warm and friendly despite all the grey and white, because of our brown wooden floor and our light brown stone wall in our living room. I love it! And, moreover best purchase of the century: my new milk twister! I wanted to have one for ages and back then when I still lived at home with my Mom I kind of forced her to buy a coffee machine with a milk twister. After two years of handmade milk froth I finally bought my milk twister and I love love love it! Best milk froth ever!


Finally ripped jeans are back again, leather and denim jackets! I really love wearing my cosy and warm knitted sweaters – but it was time for shirt and jeans jacket by now! The feeling when you’re out for a run and you don’t have to wear long tights and sweaters anymore but just a top and shorts is the best feeling ever!

Listened, read, watched

In April I’ve most of all listened to this playlist, while laying on the balcony with laptop work or a good book.

Besides I listened a lot to Avicii songs and am still shocked that he killed himself. I watched the documentation about his life Avicii True Stories and it was terrifying how fame and glory can destroy a young artist…
I finished the 4th Harry Potter book (I’m reading the series over and over again and can’t get enough of it!) and started with part 5 – which is one of my favorites (okay okay, I love them all but I think in the fifth there is so much revealed, you understand better why certain things are happening). While reading the other parts I recognized so many things which I’ve never did before! Sometimes you have to read it like 38372293 times to really get every single hidden thing 😅

All in all April was beautiful! There is nothing better than the revival of new energy when the cold, long, grey winter is finally gone. Waking up with sunshine tickling your face, ride as much as possible with your bike and enjoy all the blossom and blooming trees. Lets see if May can better April. (Well, we have so many public holidays in May, the temperatures get higher – it just can be good!)


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